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Ewa Air Manage your booking Ewa Air 2022-05-25
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Manage your booking

To consult your booking :

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If you have booked your ticket on the EWA Air website, you can manage your reservation and access the main functions.
To do this, you must have your file number (PNR) and your name.

You will be able to:

Resume your payment if it has been put on hold for payment (option)

Print your ticket

Add services (hold baggage, seats)

Resend the ticket by email

See pricing conditions

Change your reservation date

Please note that the majority of these functions are only accessible up to 24 hours before your flight.
If you have booked your ticket with a travel agency, you must contact your agency for any changes to your ticket reservation.
For frequent passengers, we recommend that you book your next trips by creating your account on the EWA website (Personal Space). You will thus have access to a more complete online service (asset management, etc.).