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From/to PARIS

Passenger in transit in Mayotte

For passengers departing from Paris, in transit and bound for EWA stopovers (Madagascar, Comoros, Tanzania), rather than taking 2 separate tickets: a Paris-Mayotte ticket on Air Austral and an EWA Air Mayotte ticket to Diego Suarez, Nosy Be, Majunga, Moroni or Dar es Salaam we strongly recommend that you take an Air Austral ticket from start to finish via the book your flight page.

This solution can only bring you benefits. So in case of modification of the schedules/dates of one of the 2 flights, the company will maintain your connection to Mayotte and will take care of you if necessary.

On the other hand, the end-to-end fares offered through Air Austral are generally cheaper than buying 2 separate tickets.