Ewa Air Terms of sale Ewa Air 2022-05-03

Terms of sale

During the booking process, the following conditions will have to be acknowledged as read and agreed before confirmation of your order.

EWA AIR reserves the right to update and/or modify this information without prior notice : we invite you to regularly consult this page.

Timeframe for booking


You can book from 48 hours until 360 days prior to the day of flight departure

Payment of your order: methods, security, controls

You can pay by secure online credit card payment: Visa, MasterCard. An authorization request is sent to your bank. If the latter is accepted, your order is confirmed.
You will then receive a confirmation email automatically. EWA AIR simultaneously requests the debit of your card.
EWA AIR uses Ogone's e-Commerce solution, recognized by the main players in the financial world.
When processing your payment transactions, Ogone adopts the most demanding security standards on the market, such as SSL 3.0 128-bit encryption techniques. This makes it possible to guarantee the security of the information provided by the customer during the banking transaction. All this information remains confidential.
This technology does not involve any risk of piracy. Payment information is encrypted from your computer to the bank's server.
In addition, Ogone is triple certified by American Express (TDC), MasterCard and Visa (PCI DSS) for the respect and application of strict security standards, both in the technology used to process your data and in the processes of work



Adult, child, infant

You can book up to 9 passengers per order : adulte(s) and children. Children and infants can not be booked alone.

An infant is always accompanied by a guardian : only one infant per guardian.

Your child is travelling alone? Our call center agents would be pleased to help your prepare his/her trip :

Child and infant special discounts can be offered depending routes and applicable fares.

Fares and availibility


On www.ewa-air.com, fares are displayed "all inclusive" : service fees included.

Fares and availiblity vary in real time. Only the confirmation of booking can guarantee your desired selection at the moment of your booking.

At the end of the booking process, you will receive in your mailbox, a confirmation of your booking with your booking reference (PNR), with all information about your trip.

Fare rules


Since "step 2", "flights", you can consult the fare rules : fare classes, minimum/maximum stay length, conditions for changes and/or cancellation, fare combination rules, child/infant applicable discount(s).

Discount coupons


Discount coupons are only valid on Ewa Air lines.

They are sent to our subscribers to the EWA Air Newsletter https://ewa-air.com/la-compagnie/newsletter.html

Coupon Mayotte < > Reunion: Bookable from October 1 to October 31, 2022 Travel from October 28 to December 5, 2022 on flights between Mayotte and Reunion.

Internet service charges

Administrative fees, or service fees, are charged for all reservations made on www.ewa-air.com in the amount of €5 per coupon (flight segment) and per passenger. The service fee is non-refundable in the event of modification or cancellation of the ticket.

Navigation on the booking engine

Validation of the information present on the booking engine

At each step, it is important to read all the information on the page. By clicking on "validate", you acknowledge having read and accepted the information mentioned on the current page.

Changing search criteria

To modify your search criteria, click on "Restart", located at the bottom of the page at each step
During the reservation process, we invite you not to click on the "back" button of your browser.


Right to retract

Pursuant to the provisions of article L121-20-4 of the Commercial Code, EWA AIR providing transport services provided on a date or according to a frequency determined on www.ewa-air.com, you do not benefit from the right to withdrawal provided for by articles L121-20 and following of the Commercial Code applicable to distance selling.


EWA AIR tickets


Nominative tickets

EWA AIR tickets are nominative, personal and non-transferrable : name changes are not authorized EWA AIR tickets are nominative and non-transferable. Therefore, any change of "surname" or "first name" is not allowed.

Terms of use

The EWA AIR Ticket purchased by the passenger is valid only for the carriage indicated therein, from the point of departure to the point of destination, via any Intermediate Stopover provided for when the ticket was purchased.
The fare paid by the passenger corresponds to the route indicated on his Ticket and constitutes an essential element of the Contract of Carriage binding the carrier and the passenger.
The passenger's ticket will not be accepted and will lose all validity if all the coupons have not been used in their order of issue.

The ticket is valid for 1 year after issue.
During this period it is modifiable (subject to penalties and/or price adjustment) and refundable.
Beyond that, it will expire and is neither usable nor refundable.

Use of booking engine

Confirming your choices

Please note it is important to carefully read all information before confirming.

Changes of travel selections

Click on "Start over", at the bottom of the page, to modify your selection.

Please, do not click on the "back" button of your browser.

Changing your ticket – date or destination

Destination changes are not possible (ie replacing the Moroni destination with Majunga) on the EWA Air website. You have to go through a refund procedure. Ditto for reversing the direction of travel.
For tickets purchased on the EWA Air website, you can change the flight date directly from the EWA website. For tickets that can be changed free of charge (Flexible and Eco-Flex), there is no date change penalty that applies. Only a fare readjustment may be applied depending on the availability of classes on the new flight.
For modifiable tickets with fees, you can change your travel date by paying the modification penalty (50 or 70€), plus a possible fare adjustment depending on the new flight you choose.
Please note that when the date changes, the system offers a class equal to your initial booking class or higher depending on availability.

Flights canceled due to COVID - Conditions for refunding tickets and credits


All tickets issued in 2020 and 2021 on flights that have been canceled due to closed borders for COVID, will be redeemable until the end of 2022.

For the credits that were issued in exchange for these "COVID tickets", their validity is 1 year. Beyond that, if they are not used, these assets will be refundable on request within 3 months.

These reimbursement requests must be made online : https://ewa-air.com/en/online-help/request-a-refund.html


Passenger positive for covid before the flight

For passengers positive for Covid before the flight (subject to presentation of the copy of the positive test), the company offers:
1/ the removal of the flight change penalty upon prior request to [email protected]. Any price adjustments remain chargeable
This facilitation is given during the period of validity of the ticket.
2/ If the passenger no longer wishes to travel, for non-refundable tickets only taxes will be refunded.

Ticket refund conditions

Your ticket is only refundable at the agency where you purchased it, for a period of one year. Beyond 1 year after its issue, your ticket if it has not been used, will be expired and therefore lost.

For tickets purchased on the EWA air website:

For refundable (flexible) tickets, refund requests can only be made via the form ewa-air.com/aide-en-ligne/demander-un-remboursement.html

For non-refundable tickets (Promo, Non-flexible, Eco-Flex) only airport or government taxes are refundable on request ewa-air.com/aide-en-ligne/demander-un-remboursement .html . The fuel surcharge is also non-refundable.


Fuel surcharge - Refund conditions


For all tickets issued as of April 1, the refund conditions for the YQ carrier surcharge will be linked to the fare conditions for the ticket.

In the case of non-refundable tickets (except Y or S classes) in the event of a refund request, the fuel surcharge will not be refundable. Only airport and government taxes are refundable

General Conditions of Carriage

We invite you to consult our general conditions of carriage now.



  • Reimbursement of your ticket:

To request a refund for your unused ticket, you must contact the travel agency where you purchased your ticket. If you purchased on the EWA website and you have not traveled, you must complete the online form: ewa-air.com/aide-en-ligne/demander-un-remboursement.html No paper procedures will be accepted. Your ticket will be refunded to your EWA account/Personal Space in less than 7 days (in accordance with regulations).

  • Complaint (request for compensation)

If your complaint concerns the delay of a flight/the cancellation of a flight/or overbooking (Regulation (EC) No. 261/2004), it must be made online via the form ewa-air.com/ online-help/file-a-complaint.html The response will reach you within 15 days The complaint process in the form of mail or email is not accepted.