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Find out the check-in deadlines for our EWA Air flights so that we can welcome you at the airport and on board our aircraft, perfectly relaxed, on the day of departure.

Ticket and Travel Documents

At the check-in counter, you will be asked to present the following documents:

Electronic ticket
Valid passport or CI: see travel documents
Documents associated with the health protocol in force
These documents are mandatory for the delivery of the boarding pass.

Check-in time

Check-in start and end times are indicated on your e-ticket (see excerpt below). It is imperative to respect them.
Beyond the check-in end time, you will no longer be accepted on the flight and the rules for modifying/refunding your ticket will strictly apply.


As a general rule on all our destinations:

  • Start: 2 hours minimum before the scheduled departure time
  • End: 1 hour before the scheduled departure time (1h30 on the Moroni line – departing from Mayotte and departing from Moroni)